Signing Up & Fees

The U of I Psychology Department offers 8-Week Mindfulness Training (MT) Classes throughout the year to the general public, which includes U of I staff, faculty, & graduate students.

Classes are currently only offered online via Zoom.

Class #1a

  • Mondays 11 – 1, January 18th to March 8th
  • Location: online via Zoom
  • Instructor: Christopher Menard & Marissa Sbrilli
  • Saturday Practice Session Feb 27th, 9 – 1 pm


  • Thursdays 9:15 – 11:15, Feb 4th to March 25th
  • Location: online via Zoom
  • Instructor: Tina Schweizer & Katie Haigler
  • Saturday Practice Session March 13th, 9 – 1 pm


  • Mondays 9:30 – 11:30, March 22nd to May 10th
  • Location: online via Zoom
  • Instructor: Christopher Menard & Katie Haigler
  • Saturday Practice Session May 1st, 9 – 1 pm


  • Wednesdays 11 – 1, March 24th to May 12th
  • Location: online via Zoom
  • Instructor: Tina Schweizer & Marissa Sbrilli
  • Saturday Practice Session May 1st, 9 – 1 pm

Send questions to:

The Mindful Way Workbook serves as the guide for daily home practice, daily reading, and daily journaling completed throughout the weeks of training. Do purchase a copy. Also, be sure to read through the description of the 8-week MT class so that you understand the commitment to daily practice.


  • The fee is $200 for the 8-week series of classes.
  • UIUC graduate students receive a 50% discount
  • No refunds will be given after the first class.
  • If a participant needs to withdraw from the class for any reason, they are welcome to repeat the entire class series within the next two years.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Christopher Menard

The online registration and payment system is not working, please email to register.

Note: The 4-Hour Saturday Practice Session is an invitation to step out of the doing-mode of mind and into the being-mode of mind for an extended period. This session is scheduled between class #6 & #8. Participants are asked to engage in a functional silence for most of this class to facilitate a deepening of their practice, while instructors verbally guide the sitting, walking, and stretching mindfulness exercises.

If the options above don’t work for you or if the classes are full, you can sign up to receive emails for future class dates/times by clicking on this link to enter your email address. In addition, while you wait for a class, do consider purchasing Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams to begin reading about and practicing with the mindfulness audios provided in this book.